About the Zero Waste Store

Zero Waste Store is an online supermarket for all your plastic free, planet friendly, toxin free items. We package up your shopping cart using 100% plastic free materials for delivery to your door.

***Update*** We have opened our first store. It is in Spake Coffee Co, Shop 4, 39 Adelaide St in Fremantle WA. So feel free to come in and look over our plastic-free goodies!

Our mission is to:

  • Make "zero waste living" affordable. This means that we supply healthy products, with little or no plastic content at supermarket prices. We want it to be easy to stop using disposable plastic items.
  • Design plastic free products
  • Supply good quality, long lasting, re-usable, toxin free, healthy products
  • Use only plastic-free and easily recyclable packaging
  • We want our customers to have a respect for how items are produced and to look after them. Our stainless steel drinking straw may save hundreds of plastic straws from ever being made, which is great, but remember that somewhere the ground was scarred with mines digging up the nickel and chrome ores. If you buy it then you own a part of those mining scars, look after it, enjoy it, re-use it and then recycle it.
  • Support and encourage people and businesses which show us new zero waste, healthy, toxin free ways.
  • Support and encourage people who practice the old pre-plastic ways, using natural materials and ingredients to make all their beautiful natural creations, be it woodwork, pottery, waxed cotton bags, healthy natural potions or organic food.


We are a passionate bunch of folk who want to help you on your way towards a zero waste lifestyle. We care a lot about the environment so we are manufacturing, sourcing and selling items which we think will make a difference. We want you to be able to easily obtain good, healthy, simple, clever items which don't cost you a fortune and which have as the smallest possible impact on the environment. We want to reduce plastic use as far as we can, we are constantly challenging our designers and product specialists to reduce plastic.

We are family owned and operated along with the help of friends and our great local and overseas manufacturers & suppliers.

We are constantly improving our items by collaborating with manufacturers in developing plastic free, eco friendly products.

We try to minimise our own waste every step of the way, to do this we run the warehouse using our own solar panel generated electricity; we collect second hand recyclable packaging cartons and we request all of our suppliers not to package any goods in plastic.

Lastly we always try to have fun and be positive because we'll never be perfect and we may-as-well laugh about trying to get there!

We would love to hear your feedback so please go ahead and contact us. We would love to hear your zero waste story and anything that you've learned along the way!

And a big THANK YOU to all of the organisers of our great local community groups such as Plastic Free July, Sea Shepherd - Marine Debris Campaign, Take Three For The Sea, Tangaroa Blue Foundation, 1 Million Women, Treading My Own Path, Two Hands Project; get involved! And to the folk working hard on business and projects with real Environmental and Social benefits like who gives a crap and Etiko.