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Zero Waste Store Australia Bee-Utiful Balms Pepermint Lip Balm

Bee-utiful Balms Lip Balm

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Bee-utiful Balms Lip Balm

A refreshing balm made from ingredients to soothe your skin while offering some sunscreen. The mandarin flavour is deliciously refreshing.


All Bee-Utiful Balms Products contain the Magic Four: beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil as a special combination of natural ingredients that are packed full of components that protect and nourish your skin.

    Materials and Ingredients:

    • Beeswax
    • Shea Butter
    • Coconut Oil
    • Olive Oil
    • Essential Oils (mandarin or Peppermint)

    Aluminium tin


    End of life:
    Once empty you can re-use the pouch for your own home-made deodorant. Otherwise it can be put into your compost or landfill bin where it will eventually biodegrade.

    What's great about this product:
    Lovely all-natural ingredients!

    Your order will be packaged in plastic-free, all plant-based materials. Packaging materials will depending on the size and weight of your order:

    • Kraft paper bag, sealed with Kraft Tape.
    • Cardboard box sealed with Kraft Tape.
    • Recycled cardboard  sealed with Kraft Tape.
    • Cotton bag, sewn shut (if you carefully unpick the stitching then you'll be receiving a free re-usable cotton tote bag!).