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Kilner Glass Breakfast Jar Set
Kilner Glass Breakfast Jar Set
Kilner Glass Breakfast Jar Set
Kilner Glass Breakfast Jar Set

Kilner Glass Breakfast Jar Set

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Whether at home or on the go, take and eat your breakfast snacks in the Kilner Breakfast Jar set. The 350ml wide mouth glass jar is perfect for storing your oats and cereals so you can pack a quick breakfast snack and eat when you're ready. And with its unique stainless steel lid that doubles as a measuring cup, you'll have better portion control every time.
Key Features:
  • Silicone seal and holder ensures your jar is airtight and keeps your spoon attached to the jar
  • Designed with a wide mouth opening for easy filling, eating or serving anywhere, anytime
  • Unique, handy lid doubles as a measuring cup for better portion control of food

Includes a clear glass jar with silicone seal, stainless steel lid, and stainless steel spoon

End of life:
If damaged, the glass can be put into your recycling bin as can the steel lid. The silicone band may be reused on other similar sized jars. If it is damaged, dispose of band in your general waste, it is an inert material so will not leach into the environment as it breaks down. 

Whats great about this product:
Perfect for on-the-go breakfast snacks like fruity smoothies top with fresh berries or cereal and oats!

Your order will be packaged in plastic-free, all plant-based materials. Packaging materials will depending on the size and weight of your order.

  • Kraft paper bag, sealed with Kraft Tape.
  • Cardboard box sealed with Kraft Tape.
  • Recycled cardboard  sealed with Kraft Tape.
  • Cotton bag, sewn shut (if you carefully unpick the stitching then you'll be receiving a free re-usable cotton tote bag!).