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Go Bamboo - Coconut Fiber Dish Scrubber

Go Bamboo - Coconut Fiber Dish Scrubber

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Medium size, hand held scrubbing brush with Coconut Palm Bristles, natural and sustainable. 

Bristles will not scratch and are naturally resistant to oil. 

Large scrubbing head gets the job done fast. 

Dishwasher safe.


Materials and Environment:
Galvanised steel wire and Bristles manufactured from coconut palm fiber.
Package-Free, only a natural fiber string and cardboard hang tag.

End of life:

Cardboard hang tag goes in your recycling bin along with paper/cardboard waste.

Once worn-out these can be disposed of with in compost it will take a long time to biodegrade so if you have a mulcher you could turn it into garden mulch. First pull the brush apart with pliers/side cutters and remove the steel wire which goes in your recycling bin.

Whats great about this product:
These brushes last a long time and it is fantastic that they are made from natural materials which are biodegradable. And It comes Package-Free!!

Your order will be packaged in plastic-free, all plant-based materials. Packaging materials will depending on the size and weight of your order.

  • Kraft paper bag, sealed with Kraft Tape.
  • Cardboard box sealed with Kraft Tape.
  • Recycled cardboard  sealed with Kraft Tape.
  • Cotton bag, sewn shut (if you carefully unpick the stitching then you'll be receiving a free re-usable cotton tote bag!).