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zinc oxide ZERO WASTE STORE 100g

Zinc Oxide Powder For DIY Sunscreen

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Zinc Oxide Powder - 100g

Zinc Oxide Powder is effective for soothing irritated skin, is an opacifier, is used in Mineral Makeup and protects your skin from the sun without harming the ocean.

Simply mix the Zinc Powder with your favourite coconut oil or scented oils to turn into a paste and apply to skin. 

Particle Size: 0.3 - 0.85 microns (this means it is NOT a nano sized particle)
Country of Origin: Netherlands

Safe for Lips, Eyes and Skin generally

Materials and Ingredients:

  • Zinc Oxide
  • Glass Jar 
  • Steel Jar Lid


End of life:
Once empty you can re-use the jar for your own home-made lotion, deodorant or sunscreen. If the jar is damaged it can be recycled with your glass and metals. 

What's great about this product:
Lovely natural Ingredients that really stick (in the surf)!!!

Your order will be packaged in plastic-free, all plant-based materials. Packaging materials will depending on the size and weight of your order:

  • Kraft paper bag, sealed with Kraft Tape.
  • Cardboard box sealed with Kraft Tape.
  • Recycled cardboard  sealed with Kraft Tape.
  • Cotton bag, sewn shut (if you carefully unpick the stitching then you'll be receiving a free re-usable cotton tote bag!).